24 November 2006

some reasons

  1. If you are going to write something no one else will read, aren't you better off keeping a journal?
  2. There are enough things that I am not keeping up with, no need to add another one to the list.
  3. Blogging, or the thought of me doing it, is somehow intensely arrogant.
  4. Is it safe to tell people, let alone strangers, what I really think?
  5. Everyone is doing it.
  6. Danger of replacing the already infrequent personal contacts with friends and family afar.
  7. Rita Verdonk might read this, find out what I really think, and send me packing. (Scratch that, VVD won't make into the cabinet, I just might be safe!)


  1. but i've already added you to my rss feed!!

  2. Sharm, how the heck does that work? Christine, blogging is actually you being nice to humanity. It is not arrogant. Because it means that you don't get on people's nerves with mass e-mails about 'what I've been up to in the past few weeks'. I know you don't usually do that, but some people do. Especially when you're abroad, and you and I are abroad most of the time. People, I have come to believe, genuinely enjoy other people's blogs, because if they are boring you can choose not to read them.


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