07 December 2006

I should talk to u, tho...

I just got an email from a student who wrote "u" instead of "you" and "tho" instead of "though." Where are they getting this from? All the more reason that next year, among the pile of new handouts that all my students will receive next semester, will be the "writing a serious e-mail" handout. It will cover some of the basics...
  • Always use a subject line. Otherwise, I can never find your email again, ever! Oh, and the subject should pertain to the content of your email, not you.
  • Don't send a blank email with an attachment. It's thoughtless and there is a good chance that I will have no idea why you are sending me this document.
  • Do not address your emails to "teacher" or "miss." If you don't know my name yet, don't email me.
  • Do not write an email that says "I'll be there!" Where? When? What for?
  • Always, always, always respond to email from your lecturers. If you do not confirm your meeting with me, I will not keep the time free! (frighteningly, that rhymes)
I may have to include a couple of other handy hints, like...
  • If you send me a document, it's like handing it in to my mailbox. Put your name in the document!
Very happy that the semester is almost over. Now just a few days of my life spent correcting papers and maybe I will start breathing easy and sleeping normally again.

(edited 7 december 2006)

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  1. I totally agree, esp. the 'always respond to your lecturers'. This is so abundantly clear to me that I once had great fun leaving the office five minutes before a meeting time that I had suggested to a student, and he had not confirmed. It was, I figured, about bleeding time somebody taught this youngster some manners.
    Please add this rule: "Get an e-mail address that does not use any names of pets or Star Wars characters to identify your person. Instead, go with your actual name if you want anyone that's as busy and important as me to read your irrelevant, self-absorbed e-mails."


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