13 April 2007

Young Tar Heel

Grandfather and grandson in UNC shirts. It's a sight to bring a little tear of joy to any Tar Heel's eyes. Of course, later on at dinner grandson's mom asked me what Tar Heels are, but that's OK. He's not heading off to university (or study abroad) for at least another 16, 17 years. I've got plenty of time to convince him that it's the southern part of heaven. Or at least to get a kick out of him in his pint-sized gear.

By the way, check out that garden shed. Yes, it's a garden shed. When I grew up, years and years ago in South Dakota, sheds were metal slap up jobbies with dirt floors and dark, scary insides. I was a kid, after all. This one is pure luxury. Real wood, finely finished, concrete floors, electricity, running water, and beautiful glass windows! Would make a fine guest house. Probably not bad for storing garden tools, either.


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  2. Its hard to tell who is having more fun! Could this be a future Tar Heel? With a little coaching...you never know.

    That is one awesome looking SHED! I assume there is an ocean view and daily maid service to compliment the other amenities such as a hot water shower, solar heating, and an automatic mud remover for your shoes.


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