07 May 2007

Get on train. Take off pants.

This is the reality of living in The Netherlands.

I came home from lovely warm week in North Carolina only to find that a record breaking five week dry spell had broken and that we were getting drizzle and cool weather today. So, this morning it was rain pants for the bike ride to the train station. No one looks good in rain pants. Even fewer people look good in red rain pants with an orange jacket.

Almost missing the train, I run across the platform, in heels. Upstairs on the double decker train, there's a free seat across from a damp gentleman (no rain gear) sitting at the back. Approaching the seat, I put down my bag and pull down my pants. It's 7:31 in the morning and I am pulling down my pants on the train. They're rain pants, but still.

That's life in the Netherlands!

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