22 May 2007

Happiness at all costs...

Today on people.com, Mira Sorvino is quoted as saying, "I'd love it if I was independently wealthy and could stop acting and just focus on being a mom and activism." It seems like proof that we'll never feel like we have enough. What is "independently wealthy"? This begs comments about how our independence does not come from wealth as well as a serious question about how we understand activism today. Is the alternative to sketching or watercolors? When did activism become the hippest hobby in town?

Most importantly, though, it makes it very clear that even people who we might think have it all want more. So if becoming an Oscar award winning actress is still going to leave me feeling like I don't have enough in life, I might as well look around now and enjoy what I've got. At least my evenings are free - seeing as how I don't have to attend any gala functions, openings, or charity events. That time is time for doing something. Maybe I'll take up activism.

For fun, contrast Sorvino's comment with one of my favorite and most inspirational blogs, The Happiness Project. On this blog, Gretchen Rubin is recording her year of trying every happiness promising trick in the book. It's an inspiring story in part because it is not touchy-feely. Rather, Rubin suggests that happiness is something we can define, set as a goal, and work towards. Perfect for the make a list, check it off, check your calendar, email me age. There are important lessons in her story. Happiness is about not competing with someone else's idea of happiness and paying more attention to yourself and the most important people in your life. It's also about work. Turns out that nothing is as easy as we hoped it would be - except the things that are easier.

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  1. You forgot to mention that Mira Sorvino is very good-looking.


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