17 December 2007

Art and Stuff

I'm posting from the Andy Warhol exhibit at the Stedelijk Musuem in Amsterdam. I've come in on the wrong end of the exhibit, I think, so I will have to find my way to the beginning and start there. It is like reading the last page of a comic first and then figuring out how you were supposed to get there. I'm excited to see this exhibit even though it's very cold here. Cold inside and cold outside as we're having our first truly cold weather this yeear.

Last week, I went to the Van Gogh Museum to see their Barcelona 1900 exhibit. I fit it in between an appointment for work and an appointment with my dentist. Doing this like that crack me up. This is what life might be like if we actually lived in Amsterdam. Sometimes I think about it, but then realize we would also be living in about 500 square feet and decide to be happy with where we are. It's wonderful to be able to see these things, though. Part of me is still that girl from South Dakota who though museums were for other places. Wow.

So much for disjointed blogging. I'm off to find the entrance!

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