15 January 2008

Chicken Gift

I've adopted a chicken. Not the thing you'd expect someone living in the city with a mainly tile backyard to do, but I like to keep everyone on their toes and the neighbors at bay. Actually, it was a gift. Also, it's not really a chicken. It's a mail-in chicken adoption program that a thoughtful friend gave me. I get to become the adoptive parent of an ecological chicken, a green chicken, and as a special bonus, I get half a dozen eggs every month. Hopefully, my new chicken (is that pulline?) friend won't mind the eggs.

Now, in case you feel like you're missing out, you two can adopt a chicken, or give one to a lucky friend. There's a UK option at chickenadoption.co.uk with lots of chicken pictures for your viewing pleasure. If you're looking for an American chicken, here's one option. You can actually adopt all kinds of animals from these folks, including pythons and penguins, if you're so inclined. Amusingly, all the animals are on sale and in stock.

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