07 February 2008

Spread the Wealth

Well, yesterday I had a go at self-promoting and what a great response! It seems only appropriate now to spread the wealth and send you (newly) faithful readers to check out a couple more sites and blogs that belong to folks I know. Now, there's my challenge buddy who is also trying to blog daily, appropriately called My Year Online. Then there are a couple of interesting interactive sites with maps about breweries and bad intersections. Informed Public is a team blog that looks at media and politics, which will be interesting as the primaries pick up pace. There's also a nice personal blog about life in the big city... London! If you really like stories of foreigners in foreign countries and read German, this one is for you!

Now, when I first discovered blog-land, there were to serious challenges. The first was finding the time to read, explore, and enjoy all these blogs in between working and other "real life" activities. The other way finding a way to keep up with blogs. After all, checking blogs that haven't been updated yet is like opening your email time after time and finding no new mail. Then I discovered Google Reader. There's some kind of technical name for it (RSS reader, I think), but basically it checks your blogs for you and shows you all the posts in one place! You can search for blogs in areas you're interested or enter URLs to subscribe to them.

So, I wish you happy reading and discovering!


  1. I love, love Google Reader! Saves me so much time wandering around the web. See why I'm your first commenter? Open up my Google Reader and everybody that I like to read is right there with their latest and greatest. I'm adding new blogs daily.

  2. Sorry to leave a comment twice, I thought I would share with you how I discovered your blog.

    Because I just read What is the What I wanted to find out what other people were saying about it, so I did a google search that targeted blogs specifically. You can then create alerts for that topic and have them delivered to you via email as they happen, once a day, or once a week. As soon as someone posts a topic about it I know right away. A great way to surf the web without really surfing the web.

    Anyways, I hope to enjoy your blog more!


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