28 February 2008

Words Words Words (day 4)

Today's count: 2,155. This one's worth a little victory dance. Thanks for the supportive comments, it really helps counteract the oppressiveness of writing at home. With any luck, tomorrow will be the end of this particular sprint. I'll keep my fingers (and toes) crossed. Do you think it will slow down my typing?

For those of you who are dead bored by reading word counts (I mean seriously, how dull can a blog become?!), I promise a book review when this is over. Reading fiction is a major element of my personal procrastination technique (PPT). February has led to eight new editions to my reading list. The most recent was Zadie Smith's On Beauty. Here's a well written Salon review to whet your appetite. Stay tuned!


  1. I know with complete certainty that I can keep up with your word count. I will also begin one my own, not to be shared. My first Toastmasters speech is calling, silently, relentlessly, "Create my outline...do it now!" I’ve waited to procrastinate too long.

  2. You can do it! Disconnect the internet, tie yourself to a chair for 45 minutes... and good luck!

  3. i was a sucker and bought her book after attending her interview at the literature house. but, duh, only after she had signed my journal and so not the book! the locals didn't seem much into autographs. i thought she would be swamped but i was the only one asking. maybe they're just too cool... but now i am the one with her autograph not them! looking forward to reading it, might take it on the plane home.

  4. Take it. I started it on Little Corn Island (sniff) but couldn't take it with me, so had to wait until I got home and made it to the library to read the whole thing. Very much worth it. Hard to put down. Read!


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