31 March 2008

Design and the Elastic Mind

My sister just told me she's going to the big city, New York City that is, to support a friend who's in the Museum of Modern Art's Design and the Elastic Mind show. Her friend's project is called Grow, and they are essentially aesthetically pleasing, organic solar panels. The effect is not only green (as in environmentally friendly) but also beautiful. No doubt a why it will be at the MoMa.

Looking at the Grow project lead me to the website for the Design and the Elastic Mind site. It's fantastic and very different from anything I've seen before! The site responds to your mouse moving across the screen and if you click on one exhibit, you get to see a small picture and links to related exhibits. The links are shown as colored lines that sweep across the page and connect a series of exhibits. It's really a site I would happily spend quite a bit of time getting lost in. My favorite exhibit so far is the Lily Impeller, a sort of natural geometry propeller for immersing in liquids. I wonder if they will develop a Lily Impeller attachment for my hand mixer!

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