24 March 2008

Proof Positive

Not only did it snow in Haarlem, the Netherlands is a very small country. When we left to go to the east (imagine a big scary space), which is about an hour and half drive away, we were quite concerned about the weather. After all, not every 1985 Totyota Starlet is made for this kind of sleety weather. Called to ask for traffic updates since we don't have a radio, of course, and warned folks about bad weather coming. When we arrived, it was all sunshine and blue skies and we were upset about not having sunglasses! So much for warning people about the weather. Coming home today, it was as if someone had drawn a line in the sky between Utrecht and Amsterdam. We drove right back into the grim weather. Yes, it's nice to live near the coast!

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  1. Oh what a difference a few chilly kilometers makes!

  2. So funny! We got it Utrecht, too!

  3. So strange that a small country can have such different weather!


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