12 March 2008

Registering to Vote

I had to use this great poster image of scary Uncle Sam telling everyone to vote. I love the really stilted language at the bottom. There should be more telling to do so also going on in the world, I tell you!

Today, I mailed my absentee voter registration for the 2008 elections to the Orange Country Board of Elections. That's Orange County, North Carolina. Not nearly as exciting as the California kind. Although now that I think about it, possibly named for the House of Orange, ruling family of the Netherlands. That would just be too much irony in my life. (Oh dear, I think I'm right!)

Anyway, this means I should get to vote in North Carolina's June democratic primaries as well as the big one in November. Usually, a June primary is a bit dull. Like being the last balloon in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. This year, it could be rather interesting. According to the New York Times, as of today, Clinton has 1,417 delegates and Obama has 1,529.5. What Obama's going to do with half a delegate is unclear to me, but that's how they count them. One of the candidates needs to have 2,025 delegates before there is officially a democratic nominee, so the fun is really just starting. And before anyone asks, I haven't made up my mind yet. That will require some deep reading and thinking. But opinions are always welcome and interesting! The mood in Holland is absolutely pro-Obama. This weekend there was even an article in the Volkskrant newspaper speculating on what Obama will do if he becomes president.

Me, I have to admit that absentee ballots make me a bit nostalgic. If memory serves correctly, I've actually only voted in one presidential election in person. In 2000, I was working at Maho Bay Camps on St. John in the Virgin Islands. In 2004, I was in the Netherlands. Now that I think of it, in 1996, I was in Germany doing my study abroad year. Can't even remember if I managed to vote from there. Surely I did. Either way, that means no presidential elections in the US for me in my voting history. Maybe next time?

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  1. I love the poster. It tells it like it is, or at least how it should be. Read, listen, discuss and then VOTE! America, where we vote without fear, vote without intimidation, and vote with great hope that the candidate of our choice lives up to their promises and our expectations.


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