30 June 2008

Homemaker Weekend

This weekend was all about sewing and cooking. I've had quite a few sewing projects on the back burner lately and finally got started on them. There are a few left to do, but they'll have to wait until I get a new needle for my sewing machine and another few free hours. One big triumph (I hope) was making curtains for the first time. The fabric has been here for a few months, but the final idea didn't finish brewing until last week when I read a blog post (somewhere) that included the idea of using curtain rings. So on Saturday night I set to work. The first challenge was cutting a square piece of material. A quilting ruler helped, but later on, it became quite clear that my straight edges were not quite straight. I'm also unsure how to sew straight lines as my lovely old sewing machine does not have guidelines like I'm used to. However, here is the result of my labor.

Today, I'm going to see about getting a curtain rod and we'll see if they pass the hang test.

I also made a couple of new covers for my cherry pit pillow. For those of you unfamiliar with cherry pit pillows, after reading a description, you're going to want one. It's basically a pillow case filled with cherry pits. Not exciting yet, I know. However, you can pop it in the microwave for a couple minutes and it gets toasty toasty warm. Perfect for warming up your feet on chilly winter nights! These were made with material in my little stash, some of it gift material.

Unfortunately, the pictures are quite dark. My fault. Will have to turn on the light next time. The third project was a knitting needle case. It turned out well despite breaking the sewing needle. The only disappointment was that the measurements given were a bit short for my knitting needles which are, like the sewing machine, mostly inherited from oma. No pictures of that one - yet!

1 comment:

  1. i really don't think you will be able to tell about the slightly unstraight lines once they are hanging... and, ooh, which cover is mine? ;-)


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