06 July 2008

Design in Holland

We live in a much smaller space than we would have if we were living in the United States. Most of the homes here are much smaller and as a result, you learn to be efficient with space and just a little creative. I just read an article from the New York Times about a house in Rotterdam that has been beautifully and creatively adapted to suit a growing family. They built up and put bedrooms on the roof. The results are gorgeous, striking, and terribly innovative. Enjoy!


  1. Great article...fantastic vision. The only drawback is the blue, blue, blue.
    I noticed the roof top garden with the checker board pattern in the NYTimes photo. Creativity is in neighborhood.

  2. can i be contrary and say i didn't like it? the idea was good but somehow the implementation seemed garish, cramped and awkward. here's a link to the (almost) finished object:


    liked the post though!

  3. hrmm I live in Rotterdam and have never seen that. I'm going to have to try to find it now! :)


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