02 September 2008

Finished Cover!

It took a long day to finish, but my patchwork box blanket cover is finished! The panels around the patchwork were my cheat for getting the front piece the right size in case of serious stitching problems. Unfortunately, I measured the end pieces wrong and cut the fabric too short and used up my yellow reserve. My intention was to have an all yellow border, but now it's green and yellow. Not bad. The next challenge was stitching a backing to the front piece. That took ages and ages. It also involved working on the floor, which is a particularly challenging in my current condition. It took a lot of pins and a painful false start, but it's all finished and most of the stitching is right in those seams and nearly hidden.

Here's a picture that shows the backing if you're interested:

The color is a bit better on the second picture. You can also see a bit of the blanket I'm covering. Using the new sewing machine made a huge difference on this project. I don't think I would have even attempted it on the last one. The finishing work is much nicer, though, and it wasn't a case of C versus the machine all day, either. Next project: a slaapzak.

1 comment:

  1. Excellent job! I understand your choice of colors except the orange. ANy particular reason for that selection?


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