26 September 2008

Project Gallery

Haven't had much to do lately but hang out around the house with little to do. However, the sewing machine and knitting needles have been busy and I do believe the folks at the sewing notions stall at the market are starting to recognize me. So, here are a few projects I've finished since my last (long ago) post.

This is my first ever knitted sweater, a "jacket with seed stitch bands" from the Debbie Bliss Baby Knits for beginners book. I used Drops Alpaca yarn in a burgundy. The pattern was easy to follow and the yarn (after a soak and block) is nice and soft. It's not particularly thick, but this 3-6 month old size will probably be perfect for a North Carolina Christmas trip. Aside from knitting it up the right size, my biggest concern was getting the seams right. The book was a big help there with clear directions and illustrations about all kinds of different knitting seams.

Somehow in the past month, I've managed to lose my knitted iPod cozy, so I decided to make a new one. This one pretty much imitates the agenda cover. Putting a buttonhole in the bottom for the cord means the iPod can live right side up this time, which is nice. Looking at the screen just got a lot easier!

This is a sleep sack for a much older baby, he's a year old already! The zipper is one meter long, so you can imagine how huge it is. It was a nice challenging project because I worked up my own pattern based on another sleep sack and then had to figure out how to put it together with lining and whatnot. The results are satisfactory and as long as I never show a close-up, you will all believe the work is fairly good as well! The main material is a fleece blanket I found second hand and the lining is fleece. The knit binding on the sleeves and neck were quite a challenge. The neck I did the hard way, ironing the binding to measure. The arms I did the easy way, attaching the binding to the inside and then just folding it over and pinning it. Not only did it take a lot less time, the outcome was actually better. Nice to discover a shortcut that works!

I also made tremendous progress on the baby blanket, which is now mostly complete and blocked. It won't get a border until after the baby arrives and I know if it's a he-baby or she-baby, though, so no pictures yet!

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