11 December 2008

Ecofont: Use Less Ink!

This week, I've finally had time to start reading the newspaper again. It's exciting. Today, it's the economy section and a few articles about a "Green New Deal" that's been suggested by the UN as a solution to both economic and environmental problems. It sounds like an interesting plan, but a big one that will be executed (or not) by corporations, nations, and so forth. Ecofont, however, is something we individuals can put to use to take care of our personal economic and environmental issues. Funny how those two often go together, eh?

Ecofont is designed to use 20% less ink. Designed by the folks at SPRANQ, a creative communications agency in Utrecht, the holes in the letters reduce the amount of ink used without interfering with legibility. I think it's a grand idea. Best of all, it's free to download. Aside from getting the font (links to directions for installing the font are also available), you get to see the Dutch version of "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog." How's that for a groovy bonus?

I'm thinking it would be cool to print, say, a dissertation using Ecofont. I could also use it for all the handouts I make for my students. Or how about an Ecofont Christmas letter? Would you use Ecofont? How?


  1. O no, you scuppered my post: I was gonna put up this one as well! :-)

    Although I think it's a very sensible idea, I don't really like the font itself that much. It looks too much like Arial. Now if they could do a nice serif font as well, I'm in.

  2. I can see that this font will get a spotty reaction.


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