30 April 2009

Technology Excitement

Yesterday, I made a bold move in my reintegration to life as a mama. I went to a talk at the university. The speaker used an amazing new presentation program, Prezi. Go, check it out, try not to get hooked. I am. It's got me thinking about whole new ways to teach my classes and share information with students. Unlike PowerPoint, students wouldn't be able to just print out a presentation and call it studying. They would have access to loads of information (given that I add it), but would have to interact with the presentation in order to access it. That would already be a triumph.

So, while I should be PhD reading and contemplating, I'm bursting with energy about structuring my class next year around both Prezi and Tiddlyspot. I started working on a tiddlyspot site for work this semester, but can see lots of potential for putting together a site that students would write. Anyone have any tips for integrating technology and teaching without becoming a slave to it (meaning spending hours every week putting together materials)?

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