12 May 2009

It's North Carolina, everyone!

Imagine my delight when Design Sponge not only posted a Durham, North Carolina guide, but also included a link to my favorite bakery on earth, Guglhupf. Granted, I'm not from Durham, but you know, it's close enough when you're this far away!

OK - after reading this I had to check out the food blog, Carpe Durham to see if they have reviewed Guglhupf yet. I don't think they have. They only mention it as a point of comparison. For example, "but sadly their baked goods just can’t compete with Guglhupf." There's a compliment in there.

Did I mention that I miss Guglhupf? Carrboro? Home? Where is spring?!


  1. ah, happy memories of wine tasting in the garden!

  2. Thanks for using my pic, and for letting me know too :)

  3. Hello there..I ran across your blog while searching for Expat info..I am American, my husband Dutch and we're contemplating a move there..I would love to chat with you via e-mail if you're interested. Oh and my husband lived in Chapel Hill when he first moved to the US..I am from Raleigh...and we now live in Asheville...are you from NC?
    Would love to chat!


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