05 May 2009

mental health day

From Life in Holland

So, today I'm doing nothing. Well, nothing technically productive. It's 11:45 and so far I've read a lot of blogs, written a few emails, reduced my inbox to 100 through liberal use of the delete function, chatted with a girlfriend for nearly two hours on the phone, and drunk two cappucini. That means I haven't checked work email, read another chapter of From Higher Aims to Hired Hands, finished my presentation for class on Thursday, deposited money into our joint account (although that might actually have to happen), folded laundry, put away dishes, or really done anything on any to do lists. But you know what, we had house guests for a month, it's grey and cold outside, and this really is all OK. Tomorrow's another day. I'm going to embrace my mental health day an go to the thrift store for a wander.

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