25 May 2009

Oslo Weekend

I've been in Oslo for the weekend and having a wonderful time. We arrived on Thursday, went to the art museum on Friday afternoon. Saw Werner Herzog's White Diamond outdoors in the rain (they provided ponchos) that night. On Saturday, we hiked up to an IKEA decorated cabin for an overnight. Magazine-coordinated interior, but no running water or electricity. On Sunday, we had a long wander down fron the cabin and then went for coffee and waffels over-looking Oslo, and visited town, including a peek at the awesome opera house, today. To make it even better, the weather has cooperated. It's gotten warmer and sunnier every day. Also, my friend here takes full advantage of her local public library, which happens to house the comic and graphic novel collection, so I've also been reading loads!

Today, me and Peanut are on our own, so that gave me a chance to indulge in some guilt-free retail tourism. We stopped at Ahlens (think of Target household items if you're American or HEMA if you're Dutch). Picked up some gorgeous fabric. It's 100% cotton and if I get my way, will become a summer skirt.

Right now, Peanut is taking a nap while I type. We're heading back to Haarlem and our so-called real life in a couple hours.

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  1. Hello! YOu left me a lovely comment a few months ago having seen our wedding invite at Sharm and Yngve's ...

    I've been SO busy with the wedding, and then trying to get back to life after that I never got round to saying thank you - well, THANK YOU! for the lovely comment... have been reading your blog and have just put "The Selected Works of T.S. Spivet" on my Amazon wish list ;)


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