18 August 2009

Train Observations

Yesterday on my train ride to work, I saw many interesting people - always do. Two of them, though, inspired the following:

I saw two way so for Dutch men to deal with their mid-life crisis today. One is the young look. Pink G-star t-shirt tucked into your G-star boxer shorts, worn peaking out over the top of your white cargo shorts. The bold fashion statement will direct attention away from your paunchy belly and thining grey hair.

The second look is the artsy look: tight white v-neck t-shirt to show off a little chest hair, cargo pants, and 'spensive white leather shoes worn with black socks. A nice long greying ponytail and reading glasses with red plastic frames help complete the look. Women love being able to see your nipples when you're sixty-plus.

This felt like it was worth a (brief?) return to blogging. Also I've been sewing up a storm but am too overwhelmed with vacation pictures to actually take pictures of any of my own work to post anymore. This much be corrected soon!

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