27 August 2010

Making again!

It's a sure sign that life is settling down a bit when there's time to make again! This morning, someone special treated me to a morning on my own and here's the result:

It's just the kind of project that makes me smile - one that went off without a hitch! The inspiration for the skirt is one that has been my summer staple for years now. I adore the easy style and comfort of this skirt, but the quality is not very good. The result is a pilled skirt that looks old when it's new. While visiting my parents this summer, some stash raiding took place and one discovery was this striped knit. There was just enough fabric for trying a pattern based on the skirt and the result is great. This 5-minute-skirt tutorial was my inspiration for working on the pattern. To my delight, the method works great. It would be interesting to try combining fabrics. My idea is to use a heavier (fall is coming!) fabric for the body and stick with the knit for the waist. Now, I just have to work up the gumption to order new fabric and make a couple more!


  1. came by to say hello and thank you! i'm trying to fill up my time today so i quit checking the clock for end-of-school time. that skirt is wonderful! i want to try too.

  2. Nice skirt! like reading about your adventures


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