09 September 2010

Getting "There"

This week, Peanut had his first experience with water colors. Mama had her first experience with "messy" art at home - which turned out to not be so messy at all. In fact, the only mess we had was when I knocked over the water cup. Peanut was neat as could be with only a few smudges on his hands. He also got a good lesson in colors since he was requesting them by name. "That" and pointing at a tray of watercolors is not particularly effective.

So it seems we are getting there. "There" being an elusive idea about life where children run free outdoors and gardens are planted and creating happens every day and bread is homemade. "There" is such a solid and concrete vision for me that it is sometimes difficult to acknowledge the small steps that we are taking that bring us ever closer. Processes are more difficult to celebrate than end results. But the thing is that life is a process. The destination in my imagination will always be just a little ways off, just out of reach, and just a little more perfect than the reality in front of my nose. And the reality in front of my nose is not too bad at all. Look at it!

See here: the joy of discovery, the beauty of creativity, the eagerness of exploration.

We'll just keep working on getting "there," and enjoying the journey, too.


  1. wow, as usual: you are such an inspiration!!! Keep up the good work...and the good writing too!!!!


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