11 January 2011

Ukulele Red Raglan

Peanut totally understood when Mama put him in his sweater and asked him to stand still for a picture. Then he decided that he wanted a picture with the ukulele and took the whole photo session to a new level.

This sweater was made using Knitpicks City Tweed DK in Romance. The color is lovely (papa picked it!) and it was nice to knit up. It looks like it may be starting to pill under the arms a bit, which is a disappointment. A wash and block to set the yarn a bit better might help stop the piling, though. Update will follow. The pattern is Elizabeth Zimmerman's Raglan pattern in Knitting Without Tears with very few modifications. Her neckline is for adults and Peanut's not quite there yet. I took the measurements not from Peanut, but from a long sleeved shirt he has that fits particularly well. Details on Ravelry.

And another picture just for fun.

It's a wonderful feeling to make clothes for Peanut and watch him wear them and enjoy them. Every successful project makes me more excited and anxious to start the next! Have two more projects on the needles now. Sneak peeks coming soon!


  1. He looks very singer-songwriter with the ukulele. Save this one for his first album cover.

  2. I love the contrast between the big grin in the first picture and the serious face in the second, too!


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