24 February 2011

She sews, too!

This time, I have a set of finished products! They are correspondence folders, inspired (again) by Amanda Soule. They are very late Christmas gifts for two lovely girls who always make me smile. My version has pockets that could work for cards, a notebook, and postage stamps. I thought about adding a pen holder, but figured it would only end up bulkier and bigger than it already is.

The main challenge in making these was trying to do a decent job on the top stitching. I don't think I really managed and find them a bit scraggly looking in that detail. There hasn't been much sewing going on around here and I'm pretty rusty. Practice will make perfect, though, so I'm planning a few more projects. I treated myself to a copy of Heather Ross's Weekend Sewing and have flagged half a dozen projects I'd like to try. What with all the free time I'll have in the next few months, it should be no problem!

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