18 March 2011

A Reason

For some reason...

...there isn't a lot of blogging going on around here, or much of anything else for that matter. I've got grand plans and plenty 'o pictures waiting to be loaded onto computer and then to blog. But, everything is in a holding pattern for now. Our little lady is quite the hungry one. She lets us sleep three or four hours at a stretch some nights, but during the day, she prefers to nurse about every 90 minutes. I'm not a fan of one handed typing (although if we keep this up much longer, I might be induced to learn to like it), so I've been holding off on typing. Hopefully, that excuse will be read be the many friends who have emailed congratulations that are languishing unacknowledged in my inbox.

The good news is that our newest addition is doing quite well. She's almost back to her birth weight (8lbs) and a proficient pooper, We are so proud. Perhaps the most delightful development is Peanut's amazing fascination and affection for his little sister. He loves to just look at her when she's laying down. He always wants to know where she is and holds her or her hand as much as he can get away with. He's picked her up on his own a couple times. That's a heart attack for Mama, but she doesn't seem to mind - much. I'm not sure what kind of reaction I expected,but this one has been amazing. I wonder how this relationship will develop in the days, weeks, months, even years to come.

1 comment:

  1. great to see another pic of pumpkin and to hear that you are all doing well!


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