04 April 2011

Making the Most

My midwife's office is on the north end of Chicago. That makes it a great excuse to go see something new, which we did in spades last week. I've discovered my favorite Village Discount Outlet on North Kedzie. Both youngsters have benefited from this so far. Unfortunately, I packed away the yummy pink dresses (yup, you read right) right away. They won't fit for about a year.

We discovered Toast in Bucktown for an impromptu mama-grandma-Pumpkin lunch. Their sign (a piece of toast) and a few happy looking people in the window were enough to convince me we should eat there. Just to prove that some things are meant to be, they had three versions of egg Benedict on the menu. For some reason, eggs Benedict is not on every single breakfast menu in existence. This oversight baffles me since I think it's one of the yummiest things going. I can vouch for Toast's prosciutto version. Their Hollandaise sauce was a bit too citrusy for me, but the overall effect was yummy.

Our final stop was also my primary destination, The Needle Shop. One of my resolutions for this year in Chicago is to take my crafting more seriously. An important part of that is acknowledging the value of my crafting by investing in better materials. That has been easier for me to do with yarn than fabric, so this was an important stop to support that resolution. There was some modest purchasing.

The zipper is a zipper off a roll, something I didn't even know existed. I also picked up a bit of Wee Woodland by Keiki, a gorgeous blue solid that I didn't write down a name for (dumb), and Herringbone and Flower Fields, both by Joel Dewberry. There aren't any concrete plans for these yet, but there might be a pair of summer bloomers in there and some accents for Peanut shorts. We shall see. Regardless of where they end up, it's lovely to have them home to inspire and delight.


  1. ...ehh...waar haal je de tijd vandaag? 2 kinderen, huishouden, man en toch nog tijd om te naaien & te breien! Ik kan vast wat van je tips gebruiken :-) gr Esther

  2. Ah - but this was just shopping! Let's see if I ever actually make something...

  3. Toast is delicious, I've only been there once...

    The fabric is gorgeous, too. I considered that Joel Dewberry print for a few skirts I'm making, but ended up choosing something else. I'm eager to see what comes of it...


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