20 October 2011

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Drawing Box

Here's Peanut's perfect-for-now art supply caddy. About a year and a half ago, I bought a set of Lyra Ferby colored pencils for him. It was a difficult but invaluable purchase. They have been one of our best kid buys ever. We received Stockmar Beeswax Coloring Blocks and Crayon Rocks as gifts. Having good materials has made coloring and drawing a lot of fun for Peanut. When he draws, he can become thoroughly absorbed in the task. It is a joy to watch.

We added some Koh-i-noor Mondeluz watercolor pencils to his selection this spring and he really likes them. I wasn't ready to do a big investment, in part because I was unfamiliar with the medium. Instead of getting a box, we only got five pencils; red, blue, yellow, black, and white. I think he likes the feel of a thinner pencil as well as the rich color. He doesn't have much use for the watercolor aspect, though. He doesn't ask for water often and if he uses it, it's to brush over lines as opposed to blocks of color. It's always interesting to see what he draws.

Drawing Box

The Playful Learning blog inspired me to try arranging more purpose oriented spaces or stations in our home. This box contains different colored pencils and crayons, notebooks, stencils, and a few postcards for inspiration. What do you like to work with? Has the type of materials available influenced your or your children's creativity? Which camp are you in, “earn the materials” or “quality materials first”?

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  1. Nice - Lyra pencils are so beautiful to draw with!

  2. too sweet, I like using all mediums pens, pencils, colour pencils, charcoal, paints etc. I even bought some glitter the other day to try and add some glitter to my sketchbook doodles! Heheh

    If I had a child, I'd definitely start them young and have a box with all these tools too:)

  3. Charcoal sounds so scary - messy! I have the same gut reaction to oil pastels, but who knows. I'll have to seek guidance about usage and see how he likes them. Start small, right?!


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