15 November 2011

Activity: Mirror Mono-Prints

Mirror prints
We have achieved two sleeping kids. All it took was a bit of exhaustion (Pumpkin was up for an hour at 4am) and a fever (poor Peanut). Nothing serious, but it will be a quieter day around here.
Mirror prints
Last week was more fun. Searching my mind and our resource for a project we came up with mirror prints. Sew Liberated's Painting the Sky inspired this project. Unfortunately, I have neither the weather nor the courage for outdoor painting, so we had to adapt for indoors. We used square mirrors from the IKEA (long live IKEA), dropped primary color paints on, “painted”, and then pressed paper over with our hands. Then we added more paint and did it again. My artist friend informed me that we made mono-prints. What a cool word. It was really fun. I wanted to do more and more, but we kept it short and sweet.
Mirror prints
It's the first time we've had paints out since our move, and it was so nice. I forgot that painting can be a 20 minute, minimal clean-up activity. The mirrors rinsed off easily with water and Peanut wears a t-shirt smock that's a piece of cake to take off and hang to dry. We are also in possession of a two and a half foot pile of packing paper that can also double as table covering. There are now marbles at home and plenty of string, so I predict some more paint experiments in the not so distant future!

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