25 March 2012

Checking in

It seems that I've been away from this space for a while. Well, the plan is to start attending more regularly to share a bit of what we've been up to. Things are actually settling down a little bit in our lives. Kids go to bed easier and earlier. But perhaps more importantly, I promised myself to start working on me again after Pumpkin turned one. We passed that milestone a couple weeks ago, so the time is now! For now, a bit of catching up...

Frozen bits soup
I've made some big changes in the way I cook - most of which involve enthusiastic use of our freezer. My research on-line turned up mostly batch cooking (meals in the freezer), up to a month at a time. That wasn't what I was looking for, so I've been working on developing my own system. The goal is to prep meal parts that I can put together to make fresh meals, but in less time. I've developed a few tricks over the past few weeks and will share more in the future.

I've also done some making. Here's a peek at a couple projects.

Five bears

These bears (there are five) were made from a friend's favorite childhood sheet. It's my first foray into designing and crafting stuffed animals/pillows. The best part was Peanut helping me stuff them and telling me he was filling them with clouds.

There's an elephant costume in a drawer that never made it to a good picture. Must fix that soon - but believe me, it's fantastic. Mainly because of the little elephant wearing it!

Pumpkin sweater

Pumpkin got a beautiful wool dress of her very own - just in time for the weather to get really warm here in The Netherlands. It will make a wonderful vest next year. It's the Little Sister's Dress by Tora Froseth in Cascade 220. I modified the pattern successfully and must post notes on Ravelry.

Backpack details
I also revisited an old pattern of mine with new ideas. It's basically a drawstring backpack. Works up in a snap and made a cute handmade birthday gift. I love how much a little bit of lace added to this project. Must keep that in mind for future projects.

Beyond that - Peanut is heavy into writing. I'm trying to keep up with him. Got myself copies of The Write Start and Playful Learning in order to try to keep up with him. Pumpkin turned one. We like to say she's developing a personality. Standing up, making her wishes known, and still giggling like crazy once in a while. She and her brother have started playing together and it's wonderful to see how much fun they have.

And so life goes on - whether I'm writing about it or not. I've missed this space and this work. I'm looking forward to being around a bit more... ta!


  1. please share your freezer tricks....I started work and could use some of those ideas...right now I prepare most meals the night before. regards Esther

  2. It is so beautiful what you make. How can I subscribe to your blog?

    1. @urbanyogablog: thank you for visiting! You can click on the subscribe button to add me to your google reader. If you are using an RSS reader, you should be able to subscribe using my URL.


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