16 December 2006

Exam time

It turns out that the end of the semester is as anxiety inducing for lecturers as it is for students. While I am getting sleep, I am also getting frightening emails from the "results administration" telling me that my grades have to be posted within 5 days of exams being written. 70 students each wrote a 2 hour exam for me. The exam consisted of short answers and essay questions. Now these papers are supposed to be graded within five working days. So, figure each student wrote five pages (haven't seen the exams yet) and they have half way decent handwriting (they probably don't). That's 350 pages of reading. And let's not forget that there are also project papers, about 12 left and 15 pages each. That's 180 pages, but on a computer, so more words, easier to read, minimal content or organization. Now I've got 530 pages of grading to do for just one class. Cramming for exams probably took less time.

It's no surprise that some teachers have clever alternative plans that are significantly less time consuming.

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