30 January 2007

Beware the Banana Beer

Wonderful girls dinner last night in the big city. We ate Ethiopian and drank too much banana beer out of coconut shells. Aside from being yummy and fun, we appeared to be sitting at the amazing expanding table.

Our table started off as a cozy four top with three girls talking too long to order (hence one of us falling prey to the palm beer - 7%, very dangerous). As we were finishing eating and eating and eating a couple we knew came in and joined us. The cozy four top in the corner then seating five and they ordered food. Our plate went away; their plate arrived. Still later another friend came in. The cozy four top miraculously seated six. Plate number two went away; plate three arrived. It was good fun, truly gezellig.

Tee hee - the Mongozo website explains that their beers are available in, among other places, zoos. Yum.

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