07 February 2007

More Reasons...

Mainly thinking about how little I post anything here. Especially when I have friends who are doing a much better job and using cool dots.

What's occupying me lately is lots of last minute lesson planning, getting ready for house painting, and finishing my teacher certification course. The last one is tomorrow, so there's a good reason to stay up too late and not get enough sleep. Good thing I looked at the map, though - I'd have been very lost and missed my evaluation talk tomorrow!

1 comment:

  1. I wish to point out that my blog benefits greatly from me not having any social, and hardly any personal, life whatsoever, but a very exciting professional life, at this particular period in my life, and I should not have used life 3 times there. If you count those factors, your postings in this forum are spontaneous gifts of generosity. Put more plainly: unlike me you may have better things to do at night than blogging. That said, I blushed at the what is now, in the US and often Canada, called kudos coming from you, a trained intercultural rhetoritician. You are also the first person who has linked to my blog. Kudos back, fellow blogger! And thank you for the two transcultural book gifts for christmas, I have now started on the second one.


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