23 March 2007

This American Life Podcasts

This American Life, my favorite radio program and now favorite podcast, is going TV. It's getting quite a bit of attention and I'm enjoying the articles, even if they do make me homesick.

I discovered the joy of podcasts after receiving a gorgeous red iPod for Christmas as a running incentive gift. Music is nice, but podcasts are great. They are great on the train and, if I can get the darn ear buds to stay in my ears, they're also great for running. There's something about good talk radio that reminds me of life back in Carrboro.

My remote talk radio world would be complete if only I could find a Car Talk podcast. Unfortunately, they only seem to be available for a (steep) price. At least they have the decency to call it the "Shameless Commerce" department.

1 comment:

  1. First of all thanks for pointing out Google Reader, that thing is cool and makes my life so much easier. Esp. as someone who tries to systematically collect all entries from a certain predefined set of (Caribbean Canadian) blogs.

    About podcasts: ain't they, though? I mean so much better than music for the purposes of going to the gym and running. Because much as you, the runner, may have the riddim in de blood, the damn rhythm is just never the particular one you were going to run at. And a little brain stimulation from verbal audio never hurt no runner neither!


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