19 May 2007

Cobblestone Comedy

Today I wore sensible shoes to walk to town only to have my sensible shoes un-sensibly rub my toes the wrong way. It hurt. Luckily I had an extra pair of shoes with me and was able to change shoes. The extra pair of shoes have teeny tiny heels on them and heels and cobblestone do not play well together.

Or perhaps they play too well together. My heel got stuck between the cobblestones. I was walking and my shoe simply did not come with me. I stopped, took my foot out of the stuck shoe, and pulled the shoe out from between the cobblestones. It was funny. Even funnier the second time. Downright hilarious the third time.

On an entirely different note - you know you live in a biking kind of place when the man in the bike shop tells you his first opening for replacing the tube on your back wheel is in June. That would be at least ten days from now. Anyone want to fix my bike?


  1. The funniest part was when
    Christine burst out laughing every time the heal got stuck... you should have been there!

  2. I found you via Lars and I thoroughly understand the shoe situation. The worst is how walking on cobbled stone destroys pretty, delicate heels. I hate that.

  3. Noa: was that me laughing or your laughing at me? Both, probably

    Kerstin: I'll have to thank Lars! My pretty, delicate heels are now nails with bits of rubber around the edge. Oops!


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