12 June 2007

The Challenge of Presence

Yesterday evening, after a long day of US Consulate visits, dental appointments, work, and wedding dress fittings, my friend and I sat down in a Haarlem cafe for a beer. It was the best moment of my day. Finally there was nothing else that had to be done and for the first time all day, I got to be present.

It's a unique challenge to ignore the nagging feeling of all the things that have to be done and pay full attention to whatever is at hand. My abilities in this department are nearing an all-time low. There is a lot to be done right now and instead of learning to focus on one thing at a time, multi-tasking is all the rage. Feels more like a handicap, at times.

In the meantime, in this break from my paper correcting, I decided to share a very nice beer with you. It's the Maredsous 8. They had it on tap at Bruxelles a few months ago. It was yummy then and last night's glass confirmed that it's delightful. My recommendation is to stick with one on a work night - it's fun stuff. Originally comes from a real Belgian abbey, too!

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