13 June 2007

Swedish Yahtzee

In addition to discovering internet Scrabble, I was recently introduced to Swedish Yahtzee. It might more appropriately be called Scandinavian Yahtzee because it has four languages - Finish, Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish. Serious entertainment - when it's not your turn you can try to pronounce words in Finnish!

But there are a number of important twists. The bonus is worth 50 points instead of a measly 35. There are "one pair" and "two pair" categories. That would be "1 Par" and "2 Par" or "1 Pari" and "2 Paria". A small straight ("Liten Straight" or "Pieni suora") is 1,2,3,4,5. A large straight ("Stor straight" or "Iso suora") is 2,3,4,5,6. It's a whole new world of Yahtzee fun!

In case you end up playing poker in Finland, three of a kind is "Kolmoisluku", four of a kind is "Nelosluku," and a full house is a "Tayskasi."

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