26 June 2007

Trash Rules

Last week we received a letter from the City of Haarlem. They've changed our trash day to Thursday. No problem. The next part was hard core, though.

In order to keep our streets beautiful, we are to put our trash out between 5:30 and 7:30 AM on the day that trash is collected (Thursdays). Should we choose to put our trash cans on the curb earlier, like the night before, we may be fined by the milleupolitie - the Environmental Police. (Some Dutch information about the fine folks in Zeebrug, for example) The fine for putting your trash out early is 50 Euro. That's expensive trash.

A friend of mine had house guests a couple of years ago who wanted to help out by taking out the trash while he was out. Unfortunately, the trash went out on the wrong day and he ended up with a 70 euro fine. At least we don't live in Amsterdam!

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