29 August 2007

School and blogging are on again

This Monday, classes started at work. It's an exciting time, with halls full of wide-eyed new students and old students happy to see each other after a long summer break. None of the students are very happy to be back in a class and faced with teachers and homework again, but that's OK. I'll do my best to make it at least engaging if not fun. In the meantime, I get to remember that one of the pleasures of teaching is that every semester is exciting. Every semester there's a of first day of school and for at least a week, each class is a whole room of potential.

In Holland, they post signs in the neighborhoods to announce that schools are back in session. The signs are a warning to drivers and cyclists to be on the lookout for kids on their way to school. It gives the start of the new school year a festive feeling. The signs remind me to watch the leaves. School starting means fall is coming and leaves are turning. Soon there will be piles of crisp leaves on the streets inviting me drag my feet through them and enjoy their crunch and crackle.

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