26 February 2008

Labels here to stay!

It turns out these labels are a pretty big deal. Latest news is that the Dutch parliament says that the term allochtoon is here to stay. In fact, it's "indispensable." Without it, how can they deal with allochtoon problems? Oh, the madness. As the article says, they're talking about immigration and integration. So, what about going crazy and using a word like, oh, say, perhaps, "immigrant?"


  1. Agh! I read that article as well. Tjonge-Tjonge ;)

    Great topics in your blog. I'm glad I found it!

  2. presumably asking the people in question how THEY feel about how the media refers to them is not an option...

  3. i just can't shut up today! i just wanted to say that immigrant can also be a charged term, especially for 2nd or later generations, as technically they weren't the ones who migrated. very tricky all around and needs lots of dialogue to resolve (which no one has time for...).


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