26 February 2008

Words Words Words (day 2)

I managed to knock out a whopping 2,386 words today. This is not my normal rate of writing. Back in my MA thesis days, the goal for a writing day was 1,000 words and most of those were bound for deletion. However, this time around, I decided to work first with a detailed outline. This little document (well, big) is walking me through what I need to do and leaving me some space to interject new ideas as I work along. Most importantly, I never sit down wondering what to write next. The outline shows me where my argument or discussion has to go. Now, whether this will be successful or not is up to the experts, but so far it's feeling good.

Someone asked me yesterday how many words I need... around 10,000 to call this chapter good. So, probably 12,000 and then editing, if there's time! But on the positive side, I'm 20% there with 40% of my days gone. Wait a minute... there might be something faulty with that math...


  1. Don't sweat the math. Keep putting the 1000 word days behind you. Behind every 2-3 weeks of work you will be putting another chapter behind you! What could be better than that!


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