19 February 2008

Magnum Exhibit

I want to see this exhibit. It's a 60 years of Magnum photos retrospective showing at the Stedelijk Museum (modern art) in Amsterdam. My first encounter with Magnum, a photographic cooperative with a stunning website, was about five years ago when I bought their book of soccer photography. It was the perfect gift from an aesthetically inclined girl to a soccer obsessed boy. The images caught my attention because they captured emotions and spaces in a truly beautiful way. To tell the truth, it changed the way I thought about soccer; less as a boys game and more as something that brought people together in all kinds of places. My second encounter was going to World Press Photo exhibits and realizing that quite a few prize winners were Magnum photographers. So, I'm looking forward to seeing the exhibit. Just need to pick a day - and maybe find a companion...


  1. Magnum reminds me of CH. I did a report on them in photo class. I was young and innocent then.

    Here is something very funny for you: http://barackobamaisyournewbicycle.com/

  2. do you know eve anold? she was one of magnum's first woman photographers, and did a very interesting series of photos in china at a time when it was very closed. there was an exhibition recently, http://www.24hourmuseum.org.uk/exh_gfx_en/ART51776.html
    her spanish civil war photos are also amazing. AND she had a dalliance with robert capa!!


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