07 April 2008

Muji Awards

One of the blogs I read all the time, Notebookism, posted a new Muji notebook design. Muji, for those of you who have not yet had the pleasure, is a Japanese concept design store that makes you with you needed something, anything, from their collection! It's a destination for me whenever I happen to visit a city where they're located, and every time it's the same. I can spend an hour wandering around, admiring design, and wishing for a reason to buy just about any of it!

Anyway, it turns out they have an annual design contest. This is the second year and the winner is a towel. But it's a fascinating towel. That's the way Muji works! While you enjoy this, I'll go back to wishing they would finally open a store in Amsterdam...


  1. mr. snow went to muji in japan and said each store was gigantic! so what we get in europe is just a fraction. can you imagine?!

  2. I'd have to take bread crumbs to find my way out! Of course, what do you do if you WANT to stay lost?


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