03 April 2008

Playing with Scissors

A couple of weeks ago, I discovered that making pillows was within the realm of sewing projects that I can successfully complete! So, of course, nothing will match because I'm too eager to find out what the different fabrics look like to actually follow a plan. That and they ran out of the nice yellow lolly pop material. But of course, that wasn't enough! It turns out I can do a pillow case in under an hour and when your sewing machine weighs a ton (OK, half a ton), you don't just get it out for a one hour project!

So the next victim was a shirt I gave F as a gift a few years ago. He's never worn it, but I'm still too in love with the multicolored stripes (some of you may notice a theme here) to let him actually throw it out. While we were cleaning out the closet, though, we found another pillow in need of a cover. I got out the scissors and we did some math (circumference of a circle, anyone?) and a few hours later, there was this:

It was an amazing feat! I was shocked when the whole thing fit together the first go. Didn't make any kind of pattern, just measured and pencilled in lines and cut. The ends matched up the first time around! Amazing. It's a bit tight, to tell the truth, but we're going to see how it works for now. In the meantime, the sewing machine has been put away for now!


  1. how cool is the bolster!! well done! sigh, that's one thing i'll never manage...

  2. Your affinity for stripes might be heredity.
    Very koul!


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