07 May 2008

North Carolina Primaries

Today, I found a graphic column about the North Carolina primaries on the New York Times website. It reminded me that one of the great things about my recent trip home was that I got to participate in the North Carolina primaries. Now, being a state that votes in primaries in May, North Carolina usually doesn't count. This year, that's all different. Candidates visited the state and in Carrboro (my hometown) on May 1, there was an Obama early vote rally. I was disappointed that the candidate wasn't there to talk to us, but it was neat to attend an event where people were being encouraged to vote. North Carolina lets you vote early on a no-excuse absentee ballot.

The rally was basically a free concert featuring Superchunk and Arcade Fire. I'm not much of a music fan, unfortunately, and was probably most amused by all the cutie kids wearing huge ear protectors. But, the music was good and spending an afternoon outside listening to it was great. Here's one link and another to some pictures of the event. Best of all, I voted! It's a good thing, too. The absentee ballot I received when I got home yesterday said they have to receive my ballot the Monday before the election if I want to be counted. We'll just have to hope that my ballot for the November elections arrives with more time for sending it back than this one did!

In case you haven't checked the results yet, Obama won in North Carolina.

1 comment:

  1. arcade fire! so cool! almost as cool as obama's feline supporters: http://www.catsforobama.com


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