14 July 2008

Crafty Weekend

It happened again, I had another crafting weekend. Also did some cooking worth sharing, but I'll start with crafts. It all started on Saturday when F allowed himself to be cajoled into joining me on an outing to Bergen. That would be a small town about half an hour north of Haarlem (not in Norway). Why did we go? To visit Finlandia Import, a great yarn store that I read about on this blog. My expectations were fairly high, otherwise it wouldn't be worth the trip. To my delight, Finlandia Import is a super store and Bergen is cute as a button. Not only did I find great wool, the owner also told me about a website with thousands of good free knitting and crochet patterns available in several languages! Bought a lot of wool and made a couple of swatches right away to test gauge and color combinations. Here are the results:

They're a little more curled up than I hoped, but the colors are fairly accurate thanks to sunlight. I thought one combination looked much more retro than the other - what do you think?

While I waited for swatches to dry, I got out the sewing machine to do a couple little projects. One was a request (or maybe it was an order of the military type) that has needed fulfilling for a while. Here's how that one turned out:

I've made several bags following this pattern. It's super simple and allows for plenty of variation and imagination. I was quite pleased with the outcome, especially the handles. It was my first adventure with making handles for a bag and they turned out much better looking than expected. They look like they'll achieve a nice balance between sturdy and soft. Webbing handles on bags can rub bare shoulders raw, so I try to avoid them.

My other sewing project was a pair of booties. Actually, there has been quite a bit of booty making happening lately and this weekend I finished off all three pairs:

The orange pair is based on the magic slippers pattern. I added a rolled top to them so that a tie can be added later if necessary. The polka-dot pair is reversible and they were a sewing challenge! The pattern is good, including telling you when it's going to get difficult. I wouldn't try it again with corduroy, everything just got too thick. But they are adorable. It would be fun to make a bigger pair (like for me!). The pattern for the black and white pair (still need buttons) is from Saartje Knits.

I'll take a break from the sewing machine for a while in order to do "real life" things. But not to worry, future projects have been planned and added to the schedule already!


  1. oh my goodness, the booties are so cute! peanut is very lucky :-) and watch out, you might turn into a bag factory all by yourself... who was this one for, not ms. d?

  2. The bag looks marrrvelous darling!

    The bootie shoes...too koul. My favorites of course are the polka-dots shoes. Who in the universe ever thought of reversible shoes? Someone who wanted to raise cane with the crafty sewers!

    Swatches...isn't that the brand name of a timepiece?
    I like the top one without the white. The white is a tad too much in your face for my refined taste.

    And that’s it from the critics’ corner.

  3. My bag!!! It wasn't a military-like order... it was more sulking and cajoling! Mind you, I'm torn between the bag and the booties - even though I wouldn't even know what to do with the booties!


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