16 July 2008

Weekend Eats

The weekend wasn't all sewing and knitting, of course. We also managed to eat some good food. Here's how it all came together.

On Friday, a friend sent me an email that I think was expressly designed to make me jealous. She announced that she'd be dining at this beautiful seafood restaurant in Oslo over the weekend. You're thinking, of course, what's the big deal? It's food that used to swim. Well, have a look at the picture on this page. Do you see all those platters lined up? My keyboard still hasn't recovered from me drooling all over it. Disgusting. I want badly to eat this stuff! So, I did what any reasonable person does. I sent a hurt-feelings email and felt sorry for myself.

On Saturday, though, I went to the library to pick up books and stopped at the market to check out my fish guy. This gentleman reliably has fresh, delicious fish with a decent seasonal selection. Last week, he had crab, live lobster, and langoustine! You see how my mind was working, right? Bought myself a kilo of langoustine and a dorado for the weekend and then went skipping home, well, as much as one can on a bicycle. That evening I made a we-can't-eat-in-Oslo dinner that made us rather happy. That would be steamed langoustine with a bit of lemon and butter for dipping, a fresh tomato and mozzarella salad, and one fresh baguette. Here's another visual for you:

No Norwegian sunset, but it was delicious. I feel a little bit better now.


  1. i swear, it wasn't intentional! and fjord sunset or not, dinner at this place is just overpriced. so yay for homemade seafood feasts! next time you could try balancing all your seafood on top of each other in a giant tower too ;-)

  2. Don't bother with the balancing...this gorgeous feast will disappear too fast!
    I am salivating as I type. So what culinary school did you attend?


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