07 November 2008

Holidays are coming!

So, here's a nifty Thanksgiving craft I won't be attempting. But I have noticed that the holiday decorations are going up around town and blog posts are starting to be about preparing gifts. Due to some recent changes in my life, there won't be a whole lot of crafting going on in the near future, but Thanksgiving in Haarlem will be celebrated - with the help of friends, of course!

Which reminds me... must start organizing!

As for adjusting to a new pattern in life, today's been action-filled already, and it's only 11:30! Let's just say that when an infant vomits, it's sad and a mess. When they vomit in their sling while you're wearing it with said infant lying down, it's a messy puddle being rapidly absorbed by crucial fabric soothing aid. One bath and two loads of laundry later, I think I'm going to go finish my now-ice-cold latte. Yum.

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