08 December 2008

Still Stitching

I've been busy with Peanut care for the past few weeks, but still managing to keep my hands busy. This little personalization project made for a cute gift for a friend who's just had a baby girl. They're everywhere, these cute little bundles arriving in the big wild world! The idea is borrowed from a crafty neighbor of mine who gave us a shirt with felt applique for our Peanut. I liked the idea of doing the name, though. This was a second baby and it's always hard to figure out what to give them that parents won't already have!

This big old shirt was the starting point for another project. It was given to me as a work "gift" a long time ago. Aside from the style (not me), it's also an extra large. It's safe to say that even the day before I gave birth, this would have been way too big! When I got it out I realized that instead of cutting out the regular pattern, those arms could be useful...

And they were! I cut the arms off as close to the body as I could. Then, I used a pattern for baby pants to figure out how much to cut out for the center seam. That was a combination of guessing and guidance. But it worked out well...

Voila, a second pair of pants (sans elastic here). The red pair I made from a knit tank top that I never wore. This is a great way to recycle clothes that are never going to be worn but are still in good shape. I tried the same with my favorite pajama pants. They got made into a baby romper. Unfortunately, the material is very worn out from being my favorite, so it's already tearing at the snaps and not holding much shape, either. Lesson learned.

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